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Find clarity with our
comprehensive FAQs, offering
insights, answers, and unwavering
support for all your pool-related queries.

Find clarity with our comprehensive FAQs, offering insights, answers, and unwavering support for all your pool-related queries.

There can be many factors that determine the time horizon of a pool project.  However, the following is an approximate duration for a typical pool project:

  • Time it takes to design, bid and appr ove a project (1 – 4 Months) 
  • Time it takes to engineer custom projects (1 – 2 Months)
  • Time it takes to Permit a Project (1 – 3 Months)
  • Time it take for us to build a project  (3 – 8 Months)

Every backyard is unique. We offer a free consultation to assess your space and discuss the best pool options tailored for your backyard.

Yes, we have extensive experience in hillside pool construction. Our team will conduct a site evaluation to determine the specific requirements for your location.

We handle the entire permit process. Costs and timeline vary by location, but we ensure timely and efficient handling while keeping you informed throughout the process.

Generally, shallow pools are less costly. However, the final cost depends on various factors including shape, design, and additional features.

In The Bay Area, CA, there are many factors to consider when determining when you should begin the process of designing and permitting your New Pool.  You will want to get started with the agreement and permitting process roughly 6 – 9 Months prior to your project completion deadline.  For large projects time ranges can extend further.

It’s often more cost-effective and efficient to build your pool concurrently with your new home construction. We can coordinate with your home builders for a smooth process.

Yes, Drummond & Sons Pools offers various financing options to make your dream pool affordable.

Absolutely, we provide comprehensive warranties, ensuring your peace of mind and continued enjoyment of your pool.

A new pool will have some impact on utility bills, but we utilize energy-efficient equipment to minimize this effect.

Chlorine is common, but we offer a range of sanitation options, including saltwater and other chlorine-free systems.

Yes, we can integrate solar heating systems to provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for heating your pool.

We can certainly add these features, ensuring they meet all safety and regulatory standards.

In most cases, local regulations require a safety barrier. We’ll guide you through these requirements and ensure your pool area is compliant and secure.

Yes, Drummond & Sons Pools specializes in the construction of beautiful and low-maintenance saltwater pools.

Engineering ensures your pool’s structural integrity and safety. We work with qualified engineers for all necessary evaluations and plans.

We adhere to all local regulations regarding water use and can guide you in making an informed decision about pool construction during drought conditions.

Our team is here to guide you through the selection process, providing detailed information and samples for each finish option.

Typically, you can swim as soon as the water and chemical balance is stabilized, usually within a few days.

You can turn on your heater once the pool is filled and the system is properly set up, typically within the first week.

Gunite is a mixture of cement and sand, sprayed over a framework, providing a sturdy and durable pool structure.

Shotcrete is a wet mix concrete applied pneumatically, used in our pool construction for its strength and versatility.

Coping is the material used to cap the pool shell wall, providing a finished look and enhancing safety and durability.

Drummond and Sons specializes in New Pool construction or the demolition and reconstruction of an old pool.  We do not currently offer repair services.

We use high-quality, energy-efficient filtration systems, ensuring crystal clear water and minimized utility costs.


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