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Drummond & Sons Pools

A Specialist Pool Contractor in Saratoga for High-End Residences

For over forty years, we have been transforming the outdoor areas of upscale residences, creating visually spectacular havens.

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Gaby Stern
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We built a new home in Saratoga and of all our contractors and subs, Drummond stands out as our number one vendor. They were extremely professional, competitively priced, cutting edge technology, gorgeous design/aesthetics and unbelievable customer service. To this day, they answer our emails/text within hours. You can't go wrong with Drummond and Sons!
Dan Binn
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Gordon Drummond said their goal as a business was for us to be 1000% satisfied. We absolutely are. They built our entire pool/hot tub combo in 2 months from demo to swimming, which was ahead of schedule. They have many projects and a large staff which is key to their efficiency, yet Gordon and Pierce were always available by phone or in person whenever we had a question or needed anything on site. All of their workers are friendly and work hard, and it is clear they all have a high level of expertise. The Drummonds were the best contractor we've ever hired.
Mike Sparandara
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Although we ended up using a different pool contractor, Drummond was incredibly professional and responsive in their communications. We were very impressed with the thoroughness and attention to detail. It's no wonder their ratings are so high on Google.
Joseph Kennedy
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After interviewing every pool contractor in Saratoga that I could find in the area, the obvious choice was Drummond. (Most of the others were contracting out their work, sometimes to Drummond!) Now that Gordon's sons are involved things are even better! There isn't anyone in our area that has better front-end modeling and virtual visualization, construction management, and follow up with any tweaks you might think of later.
Maren Becker
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Amazing...I am strictly writing this review for their responsiveness and professionalism. We are not in their area for work, but I received an immediate call back and wonderful advice. I’m absolutely impressed that I was given the time not only for potential business, but rather for advice for how to choose a contractor wisely and what type of equipment to request when I find one. What a gentleman! Thank you!!!

About Drummond & Sons Pools

With over 40 years of experience in Saratoga, Drummond & Sons Pools stands as a beacon of excellence in the pool-building industry.

We specialize in crafting designer custom pools, transforming ordinary backyards into luxurious retreats.

Our unique royal pool construction approach guarantees that each project is a bespoke masterpiece, ensuring we’re not just building pools but creating experiences and lifelong memories.

Venture beyond the ordinary with Drummond & Sons Pools and dive into the world of backyard luxury.

Your oasis awaits – make your luxury dream pool a reality today with Drummond & Sons Pools.

A Saratoga Pool Contractor for Luxury Homes

Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke pools that transform ordinary backyards into luxurious retreats. With a unique and elegant approach to pool building, we ensure each project is an exclusive masterpiece.

Our focus extends beyond mere pool construction; we’re dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences and enduring memories.

Review Types of Pools

Luxury Pools

In the affluent town of Saratoga, luxury pools are not just amenities; they are symbols of opulence and refinement. These bespoke aquatic marvels, often found in the backyards of exquisite homes, are meticulously designed to complement the lavish lifestyles of their owners. With features like infinity edges, custom lighting, and integrated spa systems, these pools are more than just a place to swim—they are a seamless blend of art and functionality.

Each pool in Saratoga reflects the town’s commitment to elegance and luxury, serving as tranquil oases that offer an escape from the everyday and a glimpse into a world of serene indulgence.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools in Saratoga represent the epitome of luxury and architectural elegance. Perched in settings that boast breathtaking views, these pools are masterfully designed to create a visual effect of water extending into the horizon, blurring the line between the aquatic and the natural landscape.

They often feature in the most prestigious properties, harmonizing with the serene and affluent environment of Saratoga. These pools are not just swimming areas but are exquisite works of art, offering a tranquil and immersive experience that epitomizes the opulent lifestyle of the region.

Hillside Pools

In Saratoga, hillside pools stand as stunning architectural feats, seamlessly integrating with the area’s rolling landscapes and offering panoramic views. These pools, often nestled on elevated terrain, are designed to complement the natural contours of the hills, creating an oasis that merges with its surroundings.

The innovative engineering behind these hillside pools ensures stability and beauty, making them not only a luxurious addition to the properties but also a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and human ingenuity. Residents enjoy the unique experience of swimming atop the hills, enveloped by the tranquil beauty of Saratoga’s scenic vistas.

Lap Pools

Lap pools in Saratoga are a fusion of fitness and luxury, tailored for those who seek both wellness and elegance in their lifestyles. These sleek, elongated pools are specifically designed for swimming laps, catering to health-conscious residents who value exercise as much as relaxation.

Often found in the backyards of the area’s upscale homes, these lap pools are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, aligning with Saratoga’s reputation for sophisticated living. They offer a private, serene environment for residents to maintain their fitness routines while enjoying the tranquility and beauty of their luxurious surroundings.

Natural Pool

In Saratoga, natural pools are emerging as a captivating blend of eco-conscious design and luxury. These pools mimic the serene beauty of natural bodies of water, integrating organic shapes and materials to create a harmonious balance with the surrounding landscape.

Unlike traditional pools, natural pools in Saratoga often utilize plants and natural filtering systems to maintain clean and clear water, offering an eco-friendly alternative. These pools provide a unique, tranquil space for relaxation and connection with nature, reflecting the growing trend towards sustainable luxury in some of Saratoga’s most exclusive properties.

Auto Floors

Saratoga’s auto floor pools represent a pinnacle of innovation and luxury in residential pool design. These pools feature state-of-the-art, movable floors that can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button, transforming from a fully functioning pool to a solid floor space suitable for entertaining or other uses.

This versatility is particularly appealing in Saratoga’s premium properties, where space and functionality are as important as aesthetic appeal. The integration of such technology not only maximizes the usability of outdoor areas but also adds an element of awe, reflecting the sophisticated lifestyle and cutting-edge preferences of Saratoga homeowners.


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