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Explore a wide array of premium pool
services tailored for elegance and functionality.

Dive into a world where every swimming pool
is a masterpiece with Drummond & Sons Pools.

Explore a wide array of premium pool services tailored for elegance and functionality.

Dive into a world where every swimming pool is a masterpiece with Drummond & Sons Pools.

Custom Pools

Dive into personalized elegance with our Custom Pools service.

Move beyond the ordinary as we bring your unique vision to life, ensuring every curve, contour, and feature resonates with your style and requirements.

At Drummond & Sons Pools, experience the blend of customization and quality, giving you a personalized aquatic haven in the comfort of your backyard.

Pool Construction

Step into a realm where quality and precision converge.

At Drummond & Sons Pools, we offer unparalleled pool construction services, transforming your backyard space into a masterpiece of design and functionality.

Count on us to lay the foundation for endless moments of relaxation and recreation, ensuring each structure stands as a testament to superior construction and timeless beauty.

Luxury Pools

Immerse yourself in the epitome of affluence with our Luxury Pools service.

We specialize in crafting pools that echo grandeur and sophistication, turning your outdoor space into a luxurious oasis.

Let your pool be more than a swimming area; let it be a statement of your exquisite taste and love for the finer things in life.

Vanishing Edge Pools

Experience the pinnacle of modern design with our Vanishing Edge Pools.

Let the boundaries blur as your pool’s edge seamlessly melds with the horizon, offering an uninterrupted panorama of beauty.

Elevate your outdoor aesthetics with this striking design, showcasing cutting-edge style and contemporary elegance in every inch.

Hillside Pools

Navigate the challenges of uneven terrain with our Hillside Pools service.

Our expert team flawlessly integrates stunning pool designs into your hillside landscape, ensuring stability, beauty, and exceptional quality.

Embrace the beauty of your unique landscape as we transform it into a breathtaking aquatic retreat.

Lap Pools

Marry fitness with elegance with our Lap Pools service.

Perfect for the health-conscious who crave style, our lap pools are crafted for seamless swimming routines while ensuring an aesthetically pleasing design.

Embark on a journey to enhanced health and well-being with a lap pool that complements your fitness goals and adds a touch of luxury to your property.

Natural Pool

Dive into the eco-friendly splendor with our bespoke Natural Pools.

At Drummond & Sons Pools, we artfully create self-cleaning ecosystems that thrive with life, balancing nature with luxury.

Our natural pools invite tranquility and beauty into your San Jose backyard, offering a chemical-free swimming experience surrounded by lush vegetation and natural stone features.

Let us sculpt your haven that promises a swimming sanctuary and a vibrant focal point for local biodiversity.

Auto Floors

Elevate your outdoor entertainment with our revolutionary Auto Floors.

Ingeniously designed to maximize functionality and safety, our Auto Floors transform from a sparkling pool into a sturdy, walkable patio with just a touch of a button.

Perfect for versatile use of space, these innovative pool floors are a seamless blend of sophistication and state-of-the-art engineering.

Whether for family safety, energy conservation, or hosting grand events, our Auto Floors provide a dynamic solution to your luxury pool needs.


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